New Home Game Added! Saturday March 30: Girls at 2pm. Boys at 3pm. Free admission!

2019 Venice Varsity Water Polo

a gofundme by the players: thanks for your support!

Play Water Polo!

Play Water Polo!

Let the coaches know you are interested - Beginners welcome.

Get in the Pool - Get Strong - Have Fun - Play WATER POLO!

The Venice Boys' and Girls' teams will play in FHSAA  Class 1A - Region R2 - District D6  and select High School tournaments for the 2019 season.

Water Polo Is:

a team sport  

hard to master but easy to learn 

tons of fun

played all over the world

shows you are tough on your school resume 

growing fast especially in Florida

a combination of soccer, basketball, and hockey while swimming

played at all military academies

great fun to play

a top pro sport in Europe

known as the toughest sport in the world 

played at the D1, DII, DIII, and club levels

awesome for spectators

great for swimmers to build strength 


Girls Coach 

Beth Bailey 


Boys Coach

Michael Bergquist


We are here to help and answer your questions. 

You can call/message/email us anytime. 

Go Indians!

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Get in the pool - Get Strong - Have Fun - Play WATER POLO!